Здравствуйте, Hello!

We are creative company and expert branding and digital. Cosmopolitans in nature, traveling around the world. We are glad to bring to your attention, and thank you for your visit.

Our core specialty — is the ideasideas

Ideas for advertising, business, startups, products. Do you have the resources for that to come up with and implement the project? It’s us!

We create positive ideas for your request in the gift of the management of this project, or for advice. And implementing them in a yield of 2.3 times greater than the market.

We create ideas based on the 20-year expertise in the field of advertising and PR on the author’s method of Slava Terichev his unconscious structuring channel 23-43 (c) HumanDesign.

The second trend — a workshop native advertisingmobilart-anons

Our favorite destination in advertising. And resonating with our green, natural advertising, which we are learning in our workshop.  Our portfolio will confirm the level, come to learn and to work!


The third direction — creative projects

Creative places, party, foto and video content and arts-objects.




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